Australian Thomas Kean is managing editor of the English-language edition of the Myanmar Times, a weekly newspaper. He has worked in Myanmar for several years, and had a front row seat to the country’s reform and how it has been covered by the international press. I spoke with him in April, a few days after the country’s historic parliamentary by-elections.

Question: How has foreign press coverage of Myanmar changed?

Question: What change has been most overlooked by the international press?

Question: What can be read from the government’s more tolerant stance toward foreign correspondents?

Question: Top-down policies aside, how do you think government officials feel personally about this new engagement with the international media?

In February 2011, Ross Dunkley, the founder of the Myanmar Times, was detained in Yangon on charges that many observers saw as politically motivated. He has since been released. (AP/Khing Maung Win)