Brendan Brady reports on politics, human rights, business, religion, culture and environmental issues in Asia and the Pacific. He works in print, video, photography and radio.
Can a New Thailand Emerge from the Red Shirt Rubble?

Can a New Thailand Emerge from the Red Shirt Rubble?

The government of Prime Minister Abhisit managed to stamp out the protests. But the dramatic, days-long conclusion to the standoff brought no resolution to the underlying divisions between the Red Shirts and their yellow-shirted opponents.
Beijing's Moneyed Advance on Southeast Asia

Beijing’s Moneyed Advance on Southeast Asia

Cambodia hastily deported 20 ethnic Uighur asylum-seekers back to China over the strong objections of Western nations. Two days later, Beijing followed through on a planned $1.2 billion infrastructure investment in Cambodia. The two governments denied any quid pro quo.
The "Killing Fields" Trial of Comrade Duch

The “Killing Fields” Trial of Comrade Duch

While there is no substitute for Brother Number One, as Pol Pot was called, Cambodians may yet find some closure this week as the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia hears closing arguments in the trial of the Khmer Rouge's top jailer — a blank-faced former math teacher who now wants to formally apologize...