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Beijing's Moneyed Advance on Southeast Asia

Beijing’s Moneyed Advance on Southeast Asia

Cambodia hastily deported 20 ethnic Uighur asylum-seekers back to China over the strong objections of Western nations. Two days later, Beijing followed through on a planned $1.2 billion infrastructure investment in Cambodia. The two governments denied any quid pro quo.
Cambodia's One-Party Future

Cambodia’s One-Party Future

A Cambodian court on Jan. 27 sentenced the country's main opposition leader, Sam Rainsy, in absentia to two years in jail, in a closed-door trial. When and if Mr. Rainsy returns, the promise of the opposition movement appears bleaker than ever—and his leadership is partly to blame.
Deported Uighurs Highlight China's Ties to Cambodia

Deported Uighurs Highlight China’s Ties to Cambodia

Two days after Cambodia repatriated 20 Uighur asylum-seekers fleeing China, the two countries signed trade agreements worth more than $1 billion, bringing significant investment, loans and grants to the impoverished Southeast Asian nation. Both countries deny a deal was struck.
Cambodia Sends Uighur Asylum-Seekers Back to China

Cambodia Sends Uighur Asylum-Seekers Back to China

Human rights workers fear the group face prison or execution in China, where nine Uighurs have been to death over July protests. Some say China's aid to the poor nation played a role in the decision.